What is SEO?

There are more than 700 million active websites in the world right now… So even for a super sophisticated search engine like Google, it is very complicated to choose which websites should display first when you search for something. That is why search engine optimization or SEO, is very valuable in order to increase your website ranking on different search engines so that the users can find you easily.

Increase Leads

The more you show up, the more visitors you will attract.

Increase Brand Awareness

You increase the trust of your customers and prove that you are a leader in your industry.

Increase Revenue

More leads would result in higher number of paying customers.

Increase Business Growth

By increasing these factors, you open up new opportunities to grow your business.

How to start your SEO?

SEO does not have to be complicated for you! We will work with you to understand your industry and target audience in order to focus on the right keywords and locations that suit your business. Once we have sufficient information, we will follow this 4 step guide to improve SEO on your site:

1.Analyze your current site

We dig deep into your current site if you own one and analyze the keywords, on-site, and off-site SEO while keeping an eye on your competitors. The purpose of this phase is to gather as much information as possible for the next step.

2. Create the suitable SEO plan for you

Now it is time to come up with out SEO strategy in order to rank higher than our competitors. We analyze which opportunities are best and most efficient for us to go after and come up with a short and long term SEO plan.

3. Time to execute!

Implementation is very important! Here is where we need to use out skills and methods for strong link building, keyword optimization, reporting, and etc.

4.Analyze and optimize

Your work is not only done, it is actually about to start here! SEO is a long term game and you need to constantly analyze your data and optimize it as you go. If something is working for you then great! repeat it but in an improved manner. And if something is not helping your SEO, then change your way completely.

Ready to start improving your website SEO?

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